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SHOT Show Industry day at the range 2023 and some things that went bang

By John Petrolino

The other week I gave a run down summary of my time at the 2023 SHOT Show. This was my first time attending the expo and I have to say it was a great experience. One of the things I brought up in my summary was industry day at the range. The industry day is usually the Monday before the official happenings of the show itself and this year was no different.

The industry day at the range was held at the Boulder Pistol and Rifle Club, which according to google maps is a 46 minute drive not accounting for traffic on the strip of Sin City. The NSSF provides transportation in the form of charter buses and everyone hops onto one of the big steeds and is brought out into the cool desert.

That day was gray and overall cool to coldish. A drizzle and light rain popped up a few times to put a damper on the parade, however, many people stuck it out until the end. I’ll confess that myself and the person I was taking the day in with stuck it out nearly to the end of the day, having boarded a bus to head back about a half hour before day’s end. By the time the bus left, the range day was officially over.

About 162 distinct brands or companies were represented at the facility and there was plenty to see and do.


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