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SICK: Current Minnesota AG and Accused Woman Abuser Keith Ellison Says He Doesn’t Want Police to Respond to Rape Calls

By Jim Hoft


Deputy DNC Chair Keith Ellison with then-girlfriend Karen Monahan


In August 2018 Austin Monahan, the son of  Karen Monahan, accused Democrat Party Deputy Chair Keith Ellison of abusing his mother while they were in a relationship.

Austin Monahan described seeing video of the HORRIFIC abuse by Keith Ellison.

Austin Monahan described seeing video of Keith Ellison  screaming “f*cking bitch!” and dragging his mother off a bed by her feet!

Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison responded to the shocking abuse allegations on Sunday afternoon.

Ellison denied a video of him dragging his girlfriend existed claiming ‘it never happened.’

Karen Monahan later defended her son saying the allegations were absolutely true.

A second Minnesota woman also accused Rep. Keith Ellison of domestic violence during the 2018 campaign.
And a police 911 report confirms the incident thanks to work of Laura Loomer.

Reporter Laura Loomer posted the 911 report.

Now this…

On Monday Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said he doesn’t want police to respond to rape calls.
He wants a good person “trained to talk to you” to answer the call.

This is female abuse.


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