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SICKENING ABUSE: Footage Shows DEA Agent Seizing $87k in Marine Veteran’s Life Savings

Richard Moorhead

Sickening new footage reveals a federal Drug Enforcement Agency officer robbing a Marine Corps combat veteran of $87,000 in his life savings, utilizing a controversial process known as civil asset forfeiture for what amounts to state-sponsored highway robbery.

The footage, published by the Institute for Justice, shows a Nevada Highway Patrol officer pulling over 39-year old Stephen Lara in February and barraging him with a host of questions about his travels. Lara, who was driving to California to visit his family, was traveling with his $87,000 in life savings, explaining that he doesn’t trust the banking system and prefers to keep his money. The Afghanistan veteran allowed law enforcement to search his vehicle, stating that he has nothing to hide and has no involvement in illegal activity…


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