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Silver Spoons Actor Ricky Schroeder Speaks Out Exposing Horrific Global Satanic Cult He Experienced In Hollywood [VIDEO]

By Heather Allen

Silver Spoons child actor Ricky Schroeder spoke out on social media, sharing a horrific Hollywood memory that connects to his theory on why Americans do not see accountability or justice. Schroeder believes American leadership in government, industry, and Hollywood is tied to a global Satanic cult.

Schroeder pointed to the unprecedented corruption, visible in all spheres of leadership, from government, to Hollywood, and to corporations.

“We are seeing a lot of investigations into corruption, but we are seeing no one held accountable.”

He went on to say he has a theory on why evil is being allowed to continue without consequences, “I believe that they are blackmailed. The people that would hold them accountable are blackmailed themselves. So the investigators that are investigating are blackmailed at the top.”

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