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Slave Nation Documentary: How An Iranian Born American Took On The IRS Against Income Tax For More Than 30 Years & He’s Been Teaching Others To Do The Same (Video)

By Tim Brown


A couple of weeks ago, I welcomed Peymon Mottahedeh to The Sons of Liberty radio.  Peymon is an Iranian-born, Jewish immigrant, who moved to the United States in 1977 and became an American citizen in 1989. Soon after coming to America in 1977, Peymon became disillusioned with what he saw as discrepancies between America’s ideals and its realities, especially within its financial and governance systems.

This prompted him to delve deeper into American law and governance, ultimately leading him to establish the Freedom Law School in 1996, which aims to educate U.S. citizens about American People’s God-Given Rights that are protected by the US Constitution, American system of laws and empowering Americans to stop paying federal taxes that legally they do not owe. Peymon became a US Citizen in 1989.

Peymon has released a video to show you that you can follow the law and yet, not be subject to federal income tax.  It’s all in the language.

Take a look at his new Slave Nation documentary:

They lied to you about Weapons of Mass destruction. They lied to you about Covid. And they lied to you about the income tax. From the producers of Died Suddenly, for this weeks Freedom Hour we are excited to reveal the final cut of the SLAVE NATION film which premiered on February 2nd at the Restore Freedom Rally in Orlando Florida on February 2nd-5th. Join us to learn how YOU can restore freedom…


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