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Slip of the Tongue Temporarily Derails Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

by Dave Paone

In an effort to protect the anonymity of the alleged victims in the Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking trial, Judge Alison Nathan instructed the lawyers and witnesses to refer to them either solely by their first names or a made-up one.

Earlier this week, one such witness was “Jane,” and any evidence with her actual name on it was submitted under seal. The public was not told her name.

That all changed on Friday, when defense attorney Jeffery Pagliuca accidentally said a woman’s first name when referring to Jane.

Pagliuca caught his faux pas immediately but the damage had been done.

“You are admonished to abide by my rules,” Nathan said to Pagliuca, and then she called a sidebar.

Pagliuca had stated just moments before that her name had been blacked out on the documents from which he was reading….

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  1. Ventriloquist Kriket Ventriloquist Kriket December 6, 2021

    -Ode to Quisling Ghislaine-

    Oh my Madam,
    Of all the women
    And young teasers at your command,
    And wrath of weasels,
    Unable to have their one night stand.
    Waiting for courts to determine
    Whose sweat on whom and from whom
    Steamy Ginny or the Prince.
    Followed by appeal after appeal
    Of all sex facts in titillating detail,
    Documented by photos snapped
    To reveal the reveal.
    Whose sweat it was,
    His or hers,
    And what it’s all about.
    Girls become women, boys always boys.
    Ask Quisling Ghislaine
    If the Prince can or cannot sweat,
    She will testify he never did,
    And never would with her.
    It was all Ginny’s fault by default,
    Rubbing off on the Prince.
    So have a nice day.

  2. Ventriloquist Kriket Ventriloquist Kriket December 16, 2021

    -Ode to Ginny-

    Oh Ginny,
    I don’t sweat, you see,
    And I’m the Prince
    So all you said I did
    Simply cannot be.
    I apologized knowing Epstein,
    But that’s as far as it goes,
    Except will cooperate, but deny
    I had sex, you know,
    In fact have no memory,
    Even ever meeting you,
    Despite the photos snapped
    Alongside you.
    Again I say
    I did not have sex
    Because I cannot sweat
    And if we did meet
    It was your heat
    Made my sweater sticky.
    It was your steam
    Rubbing off on me.
    All of this is not my way, I’m picky,
    So have a nice day.

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