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So many disturbing questions. It’s time Andrew answered them…Royal Author ANGELA LEVIN on how the Prince MUST disclose everything he knows about Jeffrey Epstein

The last time we saw Prince Andrew, he was stepping off a flight to Malaga in the company of his former wife Sarah Ferguson before taking a limousine to the luxury resort of Sotogrande.

Business as usual, in other words.

Andrew will be glad of the chance to get away from it all, no doubt, as friends say he has been unusually stressed of late –and no wonder.

For the 59-year-old is once again in the spotlight over his close friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Only days before Epstein’s prison suicide, a number of legal documents had been unsealed by the US courts and one of these included lurid allegations about Prince Andrew’s conduct with a 17-year-old girl – something he has always denied.

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  1. Mr. Oysterhead Mr. Oysterhead September 23, 2019

    Tip of the iceberg,.. Andrew’s been undermining mommy, daddy, Chucky & the whole gang for decades now! N’ why wouldn’t he?? He knows all too well the hypocrisy inherent to The House a Of Coburger. They can change their names to Windsor, but they’re all just a bunch of hedonistic, devil worshipping nasty Nazi Germans! Oh & let’s not lose sight of the fact that Lizzy ain’t really Elizabeth, but an alien reptilian lizard cloaked (& cloned) to kinda look human,.. those shape shifting eyes of hers are a dead giveaway (puns intended).

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