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Social media appear to be planning to censor the truth about the Democrats prior to the November election

By Peter Barry Chowka

Social media apparently are planning on turbo-charging the censoring of conservative voices — particularly ones who criticize Democrats — leading up to the midterm elections.  How do I know this?  What happened to me on Twitter last weekend cannot be an accident and is enough evidence for me.  That’s how.

What I am about to report is anecdotal.  But from little anecdotes, great forests of fake news and censorship can grow.

Last weekend, I read an article at Yahoo News that was originally published at the certifiably left-wing site The Daily Beast.  The article’s title was “‘Shocking’ Monkeypox Screw-Up Means We Need to Admit We Now Face Two Pandemics.”  The message was clear: another major pandemic is imminent, and the federal government and the tail wagging the dog — the medical establishment — will soon be unveiling draconian plans to combat it, similar to what went down for two years with COVID-19…

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