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Socialist AOC Wears ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress to Met Gala Where Tickets Are $30,000 a Pop . . .


Of course, you won’t see any poor or homeless people in attendance. You won’t see many middle-class people for that matter unless they’re with the press or invited by a rich friend. The tickets to get into the exclusive event are $30,000 each.

The dress AOC wore was lovely other than the propaganda plastered to her back, and it wasn’t cheap. Estimates range from high four- to low five-digits for a price tag. The dress alone could feed a family for weeks if not months.

Twitter noticed.

Of course, nobody at the very intimate event could be seen wearing a face mask, including AOC herself.

Leaders of the Democratic-Socialists know how to virtue signal, but they never let it get in the way of their extravagant lifestyles. Sadly, no Democrat nor mainstream media shill will blink an eye at this. AOC is too useful as their idiot for the left to tear her down.

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