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Sorcery or Nihilism, Part II

By Jay Whig


In part one of this series of four essays, I asked whether we are compelled by our times to understand sorcery—their sorcery, and our own.

Let’s begin with the latter. Professor Harry Jaffa in a Thomistic tradition maintained that the morality of the Bible in no way contradicted the morality of the rationalism of the Declaration of Independence, which unfolded in the Constitution and in the history of the United States culminating in a new birth of freedom, through the struggle of the Civil War, rhetorically in the Gettysburg Address and legally in the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.

Elevating American history to the level of the Hebraic history of the Old Testament, each an expression of reason and God’s providential will, Jaffa made a case for American exceptionalism and chosenness. ..


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