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Soros Backed Colorado Secretary of State Called Meeting to Steal Elections Into Perpetuity, Instead Massive Crowd Attends and Calls for Forensic Audit of 2020 Election

By Joe Hoft

Colorado’s Soros Backed Secretary of State, Jena Griswold called for more corruption in Colorado indicating that she very likely did these actions in the 2020 Election and now wants to make them permanent.

As we reported two days ago, an election judge in Colorado shared:

Jena Griswold is a hot mess Soros person. She does not care who she hurts or what anyone thinks about it. A good Marxist soldier. You can do some searches and see the results. Here is a start.

Soros-Funded Colorado Sec. of State Moves to Eliminate Signature Verification, ‘Protect’ Dead Voters and Put Gag Order on Poll Workers — Hearing Today at 1 PM!

Ms. Griswold’s meeting didn’t go as she hoped but she never attended to see it for herself.

– In a public hearing, Colorado voters turned out in record-breaking numbers to publicly challenge Secretary of State Griswold’s proposed election rules changes. Prior to the hearing, Colorado citizens submitted over a thousand petitions “overwhelming” the Sec State’s office. The previous record number of petitions was 17. The pervasive theme from Colorado voters was a call for a forensic audit of the 2020 election. Listen to the 8/3/21 hearing.

In a shocking twist, not a single citizen supported Griswold’s proposed rule changes. Griswold and her committee were universally criticized for four hours straight by Colorado voters from all political leanings. The hearing was originally scheduled to be two hours of testimony but had to be extended on-the-day due to the number of citizens signed-up to testify.

Powerful citizen testimony mentioned dozens of Colorado counties had over 100% voter turnout on Nov. 3rd, issues with election power being centralized at the state level, and the unconstitutional nature of rule changes that bar third-party audits of Colorado elections past and future. Citizens rallied around the repeated question to Griswold, “What are you hiding”.

Below is a report from the hearing.

Colorado Hearing on Elections_8!4!2021 by Jim Hoft on Scribd


It’s doubtful any actions to perform an audit in Colorado will be put in place by Griswold. Hopefully, some other avenue to get to the truth of the 2020 Election in Colorado will be uncovered.

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