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Soros Nonprofit Bailed Out Violent Criminal Charged In Texas Shooting Spree



Shane James, the 34-year-old charged with two counts of capital murder after allegedly gunning down six people and injuring three in Texas this week, was reportedly let out of prison before the killing spree thanks to the George Soros-funded Texas Organizing Project (TOP).

Officers suspect James killed his parents overnight Monday or early Tuesday in their San Antonio home. “We know that it was at least several gunshots from a large caliber handgun,” said Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, adding that the pair were shot in the “upper body.”

After allegedly murdering his parents, it is believed James stole his father’s truck and drove 80 miles to Austin. “The gunmen shot a city Independent School District Police Department officer in the leg around 10:45 a.m. before arriving to a nearby home to kill a man and a woman, Emmanuel Pop Ba, 32, and Sabrina Rahman, 24,” reported the New York Post. “A witness said James’s shot [] Ba, a handyman, while he was sitting in his truck outside the home and then chased Rahman down the street, where he gunned her down.”

At around 4:43 p.m., a third shooting took place involving a cyclist who did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.

James was later reportedly confronted by police just before 7 p.m. “in the backyard of a home that was reported as being burglarized alongside the bodies of two people he allegedly killed.” James then reportedly instigated a gunfight, shooting two officers before embarking on a “short-lived” police chase until he was subsequently caught and taken into custody.

In January 2022, James was already facing three separate assault charges. The victims are suspected to be his parents and a sibling. That’s when the George Soros, Alexander Soros, and Susan Sandler-funded Texas Organizing Project stepped in and bailed James out of prison on March 7, 2022.

A day after James was released, he cut off his ankle monitor. “The last altercation he had with law enforcement was in August 2023 when deputies received a call for a mental health episode at a home on Port Royal in San Antonio where it’s believed James lived with his parents,” reported Fox 7 Austin.

According to the New York Post, officers were called in August because James was “naked in the yard and behaving strangely.” When police arrived, however, James was not arrested “because he had barricaded himself in a bedroom” and officers “were not able to force their way into the room due to the limitations of a misdemeanor warrant.”

James was still awaiting trial for the aforementioned assault charges when he allegedly went on his murder rampage this week…


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