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South Africa: The Cape Transitional Authority Taking Control of the Cape Independence Process

Multiple Civil Rights Organizations, Cultural Associations, Political Organizations, Rate Payers Associations, Self Defense Groups, and Independent Individuals have joined forces in a united front with the official launch of the Cape Transitional Authority (CTA). With 1.45 million registered supporters, the CTA is now officially the largest independence organization in South Africa.

United Cape States

The CTA has the authority of all of these groups to promote and to take control of the secession process to establish the world’s newest country, the Cape is (short for The United Cape States). The Cape, situated at the south-western tip of Africa, became part of South Africa in 1910, with the formation of the Union of South Africa. But to this day the Cape remains very different from the rest of South Africa. The majority of the Cape people originated from the Cape melting pot, where their collective genes formed not only a new gene pool, but also a unique language

Why is the Cape leaving South Africa

The main reason for the creation of a new Country is the continued unconstitutional assault of the current Regime on specific racial groups. The current regime is obsessed with racial identity politics. This has led to the institutionalization of a 114 race-based laws and regulations that openly discriminate against the majority of the population of the Cape. The blatant human rights violations perpetrated by the South African Regime have now resulted in a failed State that is on the verge of collapse. The current South African regime is set to pass a serious of unconstitutional legislations before the of the year that would not only make it possible for the government to expropriate any asset from anyone in South Africa, but also to declare those that oppose it as terrorists.

The CTA claims to have documented proof that all internal remedies have been exhausted, hence the transition towards Independence.

Promise of a better future



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