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South Carolina goes bipartisan to adopt election integrity plan

By WND News Services

By Dallas Woodhouse
Real Clear Policy

Model program expands early voting and cracks down on fraud

People across South Carolina have much to celebrate with the Palmetto states’ successful primary election, the first conducted after Republicans and Democrats came together to pass comprehensive voting reform that has expanded the opportunity to cast a ballot, while making that ballot more secure.

South Carolina should serve as a model for the nation. The two major political parties in South Carolina came together and tackled a difficult topic that is roiling other states.

While other state legislatures often have been divided into two camps on election integrity, South Carolina’s General Assembly has proved that expanding early voting and combating fraud can be done at the same time.

In a rare, bipartisan show of support, the Legislature recently gave unanimous approval to a sweeping voting-reform bill, co-sponsored by Republican Sens. Chip Campsen and Sandy Senn; and Democratic Sen. John Scott.



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