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Space of Influence and Capture of the Future

Galima Galiullina, Ph.D.

for The Intel Drop

“The main thing today is multipolarity. In our understanding, this is freedom,” this is how Vladimir Putin outlined the future at a speech on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

War of meanings – a new reality

It took Vladimir Putin just 15 years to go from predicting the impossibility of a unipolar world to publicly announcing its collapse. The sacred meaning of what he did in St. Petersburg, the city where he was born, has not yet been unraveled by Western observers, but sensed clearly by the majority of the world’s population, it has been clearly understood by the group of esoteric adepts of many different nationalities for the clear signal that change in the wind, and those who resist will be left behind in the physical and spiritual dimensions. . What we are witnessing today is a spectacle of shrinking, shocking in its scale, like the shagreen skin of the space of influence of the Western model of the world order. The western self-appointed elites saw themselves as the creators of an exclusive and mandatory rules-based world order until February 24, 2022. And they are absolutely sure of the indestructability of the their achieved power  over the world, but are now in dismay, trying either to calm the indignant masses or to convince the world of the inevitability of victory over Russia and its rebellious leader. What the Western elites and their political puppets did not foresee was a backlash to their hubris in ignoring legimate soverign issues of anyone unwilling to toe the line of a unipolar world order as defined by the World Economic Fourm.

Instead, after instigating and exacerbating a civil war in Ukraine they presented  at the G7 summit a set of specific proposals to increase pressure on Russia. On June 26-27, 2022, the G7 leaders discussed how to inflict “maximum pain” on the Russian authorities while minimizing the consequences for the rest of the world. All this folly, with degrees of pain for the enemy, comes down to another batch of weapons for Ukraine and a hopeless expectation of changes at the front.

It is high time to understand that Russia has a pain threshold like that of a woman in labor! For the sake of the birth of a new world, free from Nazism and hegemony, Russians will endure any pain. Apparently, the main question that was discussed at the summit was voiced by Biden: “What will Russia be able to endure and what will be Europe’s willingness to endure hardships?”…READ FULL ARTICLE HERE… – THE INTEL DROP

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