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State Legislator Proposes Bill To Require Blood Donors Disclose COVID-19 Jab Status

By Danielle


A bill proposed in the Illinois General Assembly would require blood donors to disclose if they received an experimental COVID-19 shot or another mRNA ‘vaccine.’

HB 4243, introduced by Rep. Jed Davis (R), would “amend the Illinois Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank Act. Requires a blood bank to test or have tested donated blood for evidence of any COVID-19 vaccine and any other messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine components and requires a blood donor to disclose during each blood donor screening process whether the blood donor has received a COVID-19 vaccine or any other mRNA vaccine during the donor’s lifetime. Requires blood or blood components to include on their labels a designation that the blood or blood components tested positive for evidence of a COVID-19 vaccine or any other mRNA vaccine component or was drawn from a blood donor who disclosed the donor have received a COVID-19 vaccine or any other mRNA vaccine during the donor’s lifetime.”

“A constituent approached me concerned about her son’s upcoming surgery. What if he needed a blood transfusion with the long-term impacts concerning mRNA vaccines unknown? As a parent myself, her concern and corresponding question feel warranted,” Davis told The Epoch Times in an email.

“This conversation was the catalyst for my bill delineating blood donations and mRNA vaccines. We disclose medical information all the time with providers, so why not our vaccine history? It’s an easy ask, and I’m proud to sponsor this bill,” he added.


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