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STEVE KlRSH: So You Saved (Maybe) 10,000 Lives With the Vaxx But You Killed 150,000!



The truth is coming out.

Like a tidal wave, it is slowly building pressure and soon will come crashing down on shore.

And it can’t be stopped.  Not now.  Too many people are now awake.

One of those leading the charge is Steve Kirsch, and he’s presenting especially damning information about the vaccine.

He claims it was KNOWN how many deaths the vaccine would cause, and they did it anyway.

Being generous, he explains why you could estimate the vaxx (maybe) saved 10,000 lives.

But then he shows with the VAERS public data that — at a minimum — it killed 150,000.

Good trade off?

Not to me.

Definitely not if you’re one of the 150,000…

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