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Sticks and Stones and Verbal Drones

By Donald Jeffries


We all know that political discourse in this collapsing country has sunk to an all time low. When Donald Trump addressed the “rumors” about his small hands indicating that something else was small, during a presidential debate, you knew it was over. And the subject was brought up by “Little” Marco Rubio, his possible running mate.

Trump specializes in devising juvenile names for his enemies. “Crooked Hillary.” You know, the Deep State queen that his justice department refused to prosecute. “Lyin’” Ted Cruz, now a loyal Trump ally. He oddly seems to have stopped referring to the current president as “Creepy Joe.” That might bring attention to all those videos of Biden inappropriately touching little girls. Or his own daughter’s journal, detailing how unsettled she was at her father showering with her. In Biden’s case, his tactic is to brand pretty much any sane person left in America 2.0 as a “White Supremacist.” These invisible, powerless “White Supremacists” represent “the greatest threat to our democracy.” This would be a “democracy” that prosecutes its political opponents. A “democracy” that doesn’t believe in free speech. A “democracy” that insists the worst economy in modern history is actually the best. War is Peace.

Average citizens, sitting in rush hour traffic or posting on social media, invariably resort to this mindless name-calling. The “Woke” Left is especially fond of this. I infuriate them with my refusal to stoop to their level. I thought name-calling was stupid in grammar school, although I am prone to yell names at all the inept drivers on the road. A noted Thought Criminal like me is usually dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist.” Less politely, as a “wacko” or “extremist.” I somehow avoid the “racist” and “anti-Semitic” tags. I don’t know why. Maybe they can’t figure me out. After all, I call out the Great Replacement and the massive disparity of wealth at the same time. I am outraged by both Affirmative Action and the outrageous abuses of our militarized police forces. That’s hard to process for those stuck in what Alex Jones’ accurately used to call the phony Left-Right paradigm.

But out there in the hinterland, the favorite label to bestow upon those you disagree with is “Nazi.” The sobriquet for all seasons. Sure, the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center still cling possessively to it, but all “Woke” Leftists spit it out instinctively at the slightest provocation. And the Right adores it as well. Alex Jones can barely go five minutes without comparing something- anything- to Hitler and the Nazis. I remind people that the National Socialist Party had a historically short life span- less than fifteen years. They haven’t been in power anywhere for almost eighty years. In fact, as part of their unprecedented postwar punishment, Germany can never permit a Nazi Party ever again. I guess that’s why they’re a “democracy” now. Preventing a particular political party from forming is very democratic.

The “Woke” Left is so enamored with the term “Nazi” that they regularly cite the mantra that it’s perfectly proper to “punch a Nazi.” It’s not legally proper, of course, to just physically attack someone you disagree with, but in our odious, politicized courtrooms, you’re never going to see a demented activist convicted of punching someone he or she categorized as a “Nazi.” So “Nazi” has become a catch-all phrase, for the Left (and loyal, television watching “moderates”) to describe the ultimate “White Supremacist,” “racist” dictatorship, to mainstream conservatives citing it as dangerous, socialist totalitarianism. Hitler has been called a secret, self-hating Jew, a Catholic, an occultist, a Freemason and an anti-Freemason, a virgin, a vegetarian, and, of course, a pathetic loser who sported only one testicle…


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