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The Moms for America, this is the name of the association, have decided to launch an attack at the heart of the diabolical global immunization plan promoted since 1999 by Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Their legal action filed in a District Court of Florida (details in the article below) effectively aims to break down the immunity that allows Big Pharma in the USA not to be liable for the damage caused by vaccines placed on the market on the principle of their social utility.

Precisely because with the Covid-19 pandemic, mRNA gene serums never before tested in the history of humanity on human beings and these “gene therapies” have been put on the market (and even made mandatory for some professional categories in the USA and Europe) absolutely incomparable to a traditional vaccine have caused devastating or lethal adverse reactions, the Mothers of America intend to stop this mass experimentation on unpaid human guinea pigs by striking US law (PREP Act, acronym for Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act) which allows the speculators of the pharmaceutical companies financed by Gates to get away with it even in the event of massacres.

The damage from mRNA gene sera was predicted as early as March 2020 by the late French biologist Luc Montagnier and denounced by a study published in Nature by two Chinese universities in October 2020.

The pandemic declared by the WHO without the necessary requirements (opinion of the Italian criminologist Umberto Mendola, specialized in pandemic emergencies, and many others) allowed the minimum testing limit of 18 months for clinical trials to be circumvented, allowing Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna – which prodigiously with the Pentagon’s military agency DARPA and the virologist Anthony Fauci had patented a Covid vaccine 9 months before the appearance of the disease – to immediately produce the magic vials which later turned out in too many cases to be potions of deadly poison for a myriad of adverse reactions: from killer prions to the diabolical molecule that triggers cancer.

As has been supported by many scientists, first of all by a Swedish study and then by a German one, such gene therapies based on lipid nanoparticles to deliver messenger RNA have been administered to the Western population despite the very high risk of DNA alteration with terrible consequences for the immune system then ascertained by dozens of scientific research...


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