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Study: Nearly four-fifths of ‘gender minority’ students have mental health issues

Depression, self-injury also common

A significant majority of transgender and gender-variant students experience mental health issues, a new report shows. That statistic is greatly higher than for the general population.

The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, “examined responses of more than 65,200 students” from several dozen different American institutions, Inside Higher Ed reports. Around 1,200 of those students “said they had an alternate gender identity, meaning they do not identify with the gender that matches their birth sex.”

The number of those students who reported mental health issues was staggering: “Almost 80 percent of these gender-minority students reported having at least one mental health issue compared to 45 percent of their cisgender peers — students whose gender aligns with their assigned birth sex.”

The study’s lead author, health law professor Sarah Ketchen Lipson, said the findings were not unanticipated: …

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