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Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is Considering Case to Throw Out Illinois’ Gun Ban

By Jose Nino


On November 30, 2023,  Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett announced that she is entertaining the idea of granting an emergency injunction filed by the National Association for Gun Rights, to halt the implementation of a prohibition on AR-15s and standard-capacity magazines.

This comes after the 7th Circuit’s panel, made up of three judges, issued a ruling that AR-15s are not “arms” as far as the Second Amendment goes.

“The 7th Circuit just said that ARs are not guns entitled to Second Amendment protection. It doesn’t get much more outrageous than that – and Justice Amy Coney Barrett appears to agree. She just sent a huge signal that lower-court defiance of Bruen and Heller will not be tolerated,” stated Hannah Hill Executive Director of the National Foundation for Gun Rights. NFGR is the legal branch of NAGR

Illinois and Naperville have until December 6, to put forward their best arguments for why the Supreme Court should not intervene and halt their gun prohibitions.

The application for injunction makes a reference to the 2022’ landmark Bruen decision made by the Supreme Court. It  said the following: “Bruen rejected means-end scrutiny in the Second Amendment context, reiterated Heller’s text, history and tradition framework, and called on lower courts to stop treating the right to keep and bear arms as a ‘second-class right.’”

The Emergency Application for Injunction Pending Appeal can be accessed here.

“Justice Barrett has been watching this case closely, and last time we asked her for an emergency appeal the 7th Circuit only dodged a SCOTUS smackdown by expediting the case. Well, the 7th Circuit has ruled now – and they got it wrong, big time,”  declared Dudley Brown, President of NAGR.

“We look forward to reading Illinois’ attempts to explain why gun bans are consistent with the Second Amendment, and we are confident that this unconstitutional law won’t fly with Justice Barrett,” Brown said in a concluding remark.

NAGR is one of the few organizations that understands how the fight to restore gun rights is all-encompassing. These fights will take place in the courts, corporate board rooms, legislative halls, and the ballot box.

All bases will have to be covered in this existential battle. NAGR is one…

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