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Suspicious Trump demands investigation into Obama’s multi-million dollar book and Netflix deals saying ‘Cecil B. DeMille would have loved to have made that deal’

  • Trump wants a congressional probe into the Obamas book and Netflix deals
  • Netflix production contract links former president with executives who bundled massive amounts of money for his re-election campaign
  • Obama is expected to make more than $100 million off both agreements
  • Trump said Congress should drop its obstruction of justice investigation into him and probe other matters like the Obamas and a congressional ‘slush fund’
  • The fund has paid out millions in taxpayer money to settle workplace complaints on Capitol Hill, including sexual harassment cases
  • Trump is frustrated that Democrats continue to pursue investigations after the Mueller report did not claim he obstructed justice or colluded with Russians

Donald Trump thrust his foot on the gas in a Wednesday attack on Barack Obama, arguing that his predecessor’s mammoth book and movie deals be reviewed by Congress.

Trump suggested Obama’s undisclosed payday was suspiciously high for an amateur filmmaker and argued that the most famed directors and producers didn’t earn the kind of money the Democrat is assumed to be making off his production company.

‘Cecil B. DeMille — if he ever came back from the dead, one of the greats of all-time — he would have loved to have made that deal,’ the sitting president said aboard Air Force One.

He said the former president’s joint $65 million book deal with his wife was also ‘the highest book ever sold, and there were many other things that he did.

‘So, I think somebody should — if they’re going to be looking at me over nonsense, they should certainly be looking at that also,’ he told reporters flying with him from California.


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