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Swedish Scientist Advocates “Solution” For Fake Climate Change: Cannibalism

by Tim Brown

On Monday’s The Sons of Liberty Radio morning show, I dealt with the issue of cannibalism.  The Bible has much to say concerning it and describes it as that which is a part of the judgment of God.  Several passages in Scripture reveal this from Deuteronomy 28 to 2 Kings 6 to Lamentations 4, it is always seen as a disgusting practice because people fail to obey God.  In those instances, the references are to people eating their own children rather than seeing them as an heritage from the Lord and as mighty arrows (Psalm 127 & 128).  Yet, now we are seeing learned men, who should know better, buying into the climate change lie and one of them is actually advocating cannibalism to stave off the hoax that is climate change.

Big Think reports on this Swedish scientist.

A Swedish scientist has caused a stir by advocating that in order to stem the ill effects of climate changes, humans need to start eating each other. Of course, he’s not calling for all-out cannibalism like it used to be practiced throughout history. Rather he thinks that if we just get over some very obvious taboos, we might consider eating human corpses…

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