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Posts tagged as “2020 election”

NPR Attacks Gateway Pundit, Uses Spouse of Ten Year Dominion Employee to Provide ‘Independent’ Commentary on Whistleblower Who Identified Potential Crimes in 2020 Election

by Joe Hoft What a mess the elections are in Colorado.  Dominion-related election officials are now being used to disparage whistleblowers who identified corrupt activities…

AT&T’s CNN Dismisses China’s Hack Of 2020 Election As ‘BIG LIE’, Attacks Mike Lindell, Yet CNN’s ‘Expert’ Harri Hursti In AT&T’s HBO 2020 ‘Kill Chain’ Documentary Proved US Voting Machines Hackable, Connected To Internet – The American Report

“Axios On HBO” With Chris Krebs Labeled President Trump A “Domestic Threat” For Pushing “Election Disinformation” By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American…

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