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Posts tagged as “mandatory mask wearing”

BUSTED! Arrogant, MASKLESS MI School Board VP Caught on VIDEO Singing At Crowded Karaoke Bar After Accusing Fellow School Board Members of Spreading COVID Because They Won’t Wear Masks To Meetings

By Patty McMurray Parents and residents of communities across Michigan are fighting back against mask mandates. And they’ve had enough of the tyrannical rule by both elected…

“The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public”: Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Cambridge-trained pathologist, blasts COVID measures as “outrageous,” in a private meeting with Canadian officials (MUST-READ/SHARE)

By MCM   “Masks are utterly useless,” “social distancing is useless,” and “ALL TESTING SHOULD STOP.” I recommend you watch the video (while it’s still up).…

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