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Posts tagged as “prison”

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NON-Violent Jan 6 Prisoner Jacob Chansely FREED From Prison After Tucker Carlson Releases Surveillance Footage Showing Police Giving Him Tour of Capitol on Jan 6

  By Amber Crawford    After Tucker Carlson aired footage from Jan. 6 showing Jacob Chansley, who came to be known as the “QAnon Shaman,” being…

Emergency Broadcast: J-6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Put in Isolation in Maximum Security Prison for Recording Audio for TGP – HAS NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME, HAS BEEN JAILED SINCE JAN 2021 – AUDIO

by Jim Hoft American Political Prisoner Jake Lang has been in prison since January 16, 2021, almost 23 months now. Jake Lang witnessed Roseann Boyland’s death on…

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