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Taliban Minister: We’ll Harbor Al Qaeda And Abuse Women Even If America Nukes Us


I don’t know, maybe another $1 billion in “humanitarian aid” from the Biden administration will convince the Taliban to become moderates just like Turkey, Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.

The Taliban Minister Of Higher Education Neda Mohammad Nadeem would like to explain something to our diplomats and misunderstanders of Islam. (MEMRI)

Mawlawi Neda Mohammad Nadeem: “There comes some suspicion in one’s heart about why the Islamic Emirate is doing this. It does not reopen schools, does not allow co-education for women, has imposed so many hijab restrictions, does not allow women in government departments…Why does it not allow women into ministries unless they cover their head and face? And why don’t you see the national interest?

“[The answer is that] we are all Muslims. To us, Allah’s religion is the most important thing. Had the Islamic Emirate considered the development and civilization of people as their real aim, then there would have been no need for war to begin with. [We could have] handed Osama [Bin Laden] over to them, and given women freedom like they demand now. The [governmental] system was already there – why was it necessary to [sacrifice] hundreds of thousands of martyrs?

“[But] Allah’s religion does not allow us to accept what those infidels want. The hijab is commanded by Allah’s book. ‘O Prophet, tell your wives and daughters and the believers’ women to veil themselves.’ This is commanded by Allah’s book.

“Now, the infidels ask us not to declare the hijab mandatory for women and to accept this. If we accept their demands, Allah’s book says [to implement] hijab, while the infidels say [to not do so]. We have an obligation. We are Muslims and we claim [to establish] an Islamic system. We are obligated to force women to wear the hijab.

“If they impose sanctions on us, drop a nuclear [bomb] on us, start a war against us again, or have any other plan, we are still compelled to implement the commandments of our religion. In this regard, we cannot help anyone, nor can we accept anyone’s demands or worry that it will create problems for us.”

Had America just responded to 9./11 by making Afghanistan glow in the dark, we might have tested Mohammad’s theory, saved thousands of American lives and walked away from this with some self-respect….

READ FULL ARTICLE HERE… – The Washington Standard

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