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Ted Cruz Spills the Tea on Democrats’ True Motivation for Blocking Aid to Israel

By Jeff Charles


The Israel-Hamas war continues to rage on while members of Congress are squabbling over sending aid to help in Israel’s effort to eliminate the terrorist organization. Despite lawmakers from both parties expressing solidarity with the Jewish state, they have failed to come to an agreement on the matter.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) gave a behind-the-scenes look at the debate over sending aid to Israel and gave some insights as to why Democrats continue blocking legislation that would assist America’s ally. During an episode of his podcast, “The Verdict,” the lawmaker expressed frustration over the Democrats blocking aid to Israel, especially considering the bipartisan support it had received in the House.

He accused the Biden administration of essentially trying to use Israel to advance other left-wing agenda items as well. “Not only does the Biden administration want to tie critical aid for Israel to Ukraine, but also more broadly to their efforts to increase illegal immigration,” Cruz said…


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