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The Abortion Insurrection Leads to Violence From Arizona to Portland

By Daniel Greenfield


After the Capitol Riot and the abuse of the term “insurrection”, conservatives have retaliated by mockingly using the term “insurrection” for everything.

Except this is the real deal.

The Arizona State Senate Building in Phoenix was evacuated on Friday after police deployed tear gas at demonstrators.

According to a tweet by the Arizona Senate Republican Caucus, the Senate was secure and safe, but smoke and tear gas spread into the chambers.

AP reports that this incident caused lawmakers to shelter in the basement for roughly 20 minutes before they had to flee the building due to the tear gas fumes.

Quintero said protestors gathered around 6 p.m. As they were walking toward the building, she said a sergeant locked the door and Republican Senate President Karen Fann called a recess.



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