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The BorderLine: Boggled by Biden’s Border Crisis? Relax, AOC Is in Charge

By Simon Hankinson 


For most of his 50-plus years in politics, Joe Biden spoke and voted as if he believed borders, law enforcement, and fiscal restraint were important, as his (coherent) speech from his unsuccessful 1988 presidential campaign shows.

It’s possible he had a change of heart on immigration enforcement late in his career like he did on same-sex marriage. But more likely, he is now befuddled by detail and unable to comprehend the scale of the problem he is creating through the hard-left ideologues actually running his immigration policy behind the scenes.

Hearing Biden talk these days, like his Sept. 21 speech at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus gala, reminds me of King Theoden of Rohan in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.” Theoden is an old, confused man, dozing under the spell of his reptilian adviser, Wormtongue. Meanwhile, besieged by an evil army, his allies in Gondor are desperate for help…


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