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“The Case Against Affirmative Action”: Kamala Harris Hilariously WRECKED By Media [WATCH]

By Gen Z Conservative

Eddie Scarry, an author at The Federalist, appeared on Fox News and utterly wrecked Kamala Harris, noting her man flaws and hilariously joking that she was “the case against affirmative action” because of both how bad she is and how she only has her job because she managed to convince people that someone of her race and gender was needed because of “diversity.”

Speaking on that point, Scarry, noting the real lesson that the Democrats need to draw from the horrific Kamala Harris, said:

“Sure. If there’s anything the Democratic Party should take away from this, Kamala Harris is about affirmative action. She was hired because of who her identity is. It’s not worked out. She’s the case against affirmative action.”…

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