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The Covenant Nations

The Covenant Nations
The Covenant Nations

Join us in the Great Cause to Wake Up God’s Covenant Nations!

THE WORLD in the 21st century should be a better place to live in than that of the previous century. Amid all the unspeakable chaos it clearly is not and the slide to disaster accelerates. The reason for this is that the key to civilization ordered by Almighty God is being substituted by a pagan globalization, dominated by materialism, causing God’s Covenant Nations to be merged with Mammon and a hierarchy of evil.

Only with an understanding of the Great Plan and Purpose for the company of great Christian nations, which emerged to lead the world in civilization over the past 500 years, can we hope to prevent destruction.

In The Covenant Nations our mission is to demonstrate that the spread of the Christian message is the Divinely appointed task of the Britannic peoples throughout the world; those today who are descended from God’s Servant people, Jacob-Israel, whose covenant responsibility has ever been the proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. While He has endowed them with authority and power to discharge this heavy duty, it can only be executed if, like the patriarch Abraham, they believe God and obey Him, leaning on the righteousness of Christ.

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