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The Dirtiest Anti-Gun Trick, EXPOSED!


By Dan Wos
Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

USA – -( The anti-gun crowd loves to distort the position of gun-owners. It’s most often the only way they can win the argument. Often times, the gun-conversation turns into a war of words and statistics. But when the anti-gunners put their Bloomberg funded “statistics,” that have been reported in Huffington Post and “fact-checked” by Snopes, up against FBI data, their argument takes nose dive.

So, what is a good anti-gunner to do when they know they need to recruit people, but they don’t have the facts on their side?

They use what is called a “Strawman” argument.

An anti-gun Strawman argument is a total distortion of what gun-owners actually think. It’s important to the anti-gun crowd to misrepresent the pro-gun position in a way that is easy to ridicule, mock and make look foolish. By distorting gun owners’ argument or position, it makes it easier to discredit. Here’s are some examples of distorted gun-owner’s positions or “Strawman” arguments.


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