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The End of Writing

in Design

Soon, you won’t need to write much anymore. Artificial Intelligence will do it for you. With all the free time we will have, we could try to rethink how we learn, work, and how we communicate.


You’ve heard the news. Microsoft bought 49% of OpenAI. Soon, ChatGPT will become the centerpiece of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. The majority of business matters are written in MS Office. AI will make its heart beat.

As an employee, your job will be reduced to barking a couple of fuzzy commands, from time to time. ChatGPT will read, think and write for you. It’s only a matter of time, until ChatGPT graduates from Office to Windows itself, runs the whole system, and makes the idea of apps look as old-fashioned as cassette tapes.1 Sounds like the pigs inviting the butcher for dinner. Does Microsoft know what they are doing?

Sooner than later, Artificial Intelligence will get rid of Windows, too, yeah, forget laptops, desktops, and monitors… Artificial Intelligence will run everything from a phone, or a watch, or, scratch that, a precious little finger ring. AI will do everything for you in a galaxy of clouds far, far away, through an ultra-light client in slightly over 12 parsecs.

It could be heaven.

  • The end of apps and your 99 subscriptions: If ChatGPT is the centerpiece of all apps, you don’t need them, you just need a couple of plugins that render your processed barks.
  • The end of business communication: If no one writes or reads emails, Slacks, or Trellos anymore, we might as well stop sending them altogether.
  • The end of bosses: If everyone uses the same brain, we don’t need anyone telling us what to do.

Or it could be hell.

  • The end of income: What do we need work for when a machine simulates work better than yourself?
  • The end of you: What do we need you for when a machine simulates you better than yourself?
  • The end of language: If we all know that language is not real, we don’t need to speak anymore.

If no one understands what no one thought, and no one reads what no one has written, we may as well abolish the whole circus of language and enjoy the silence. Wouldn’t it be nice? Jokes aside, it looks like AI devalues all productivity apps, not just the Office Suite, but work on the computer is getting superfluous.2 Screenwork has been hit by a Weimar scale inflation.

No more bullshit jobs

Instead of typing boring requests in Outlook, instead of cropping stock imagery and power pointing the newest Lego-block business-clichés, instead of braining up Word memos that no one will read, you can give your computer a couple of approximate orders and the machine processes the text for you. Working on a screen has never been this easy. So… take it easy. It was all bullshit anyways. AI will catapult the existing business circus into a Spaceballs dimension…


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