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The European Parliament elections demonstrated a shocking trend for European liberals

By Voice of Europe

Let’s talk about the results and trends of the recent European Parliament elections in the European Union, which not only brought many surprises but also deeply disappointed all the adherents of liberal ideas and «European values» that have been actively imposed on ordinary Europeans for the past few decades. But let’s go step by step.

I’ll start, of course, with the fact that the right-wing forces saw a significant increase as a result of the elections. Two right-conservative groups in the European Parliament – the European Conservatives and Reformists (including, among others, Italian Prime Minister Meloni’s Brothers of Italy and Polish President Duda’s Law and Justice) and Identity and Democracy (which includes Marine Le Pen’s National Rally and the Austrian Freedom Party) – secured 71 and 58 seats, respectively. Additionally, it is projected that the German Alternative for Germany, which does not belong to any group, will get 14 seats in the European Parliament. Furthermore, the victorious FIDESZ party of Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán also does not belong to any group. Thus, it turns out that the main winners of these elections are two radically right-wing groups in the European Parliament. Combined, including such non-affiliated parties as the Alternative for Germany and FIDESZ, they seem close to surpassing the one-third threshold of seats, which would allow them to block the European Parliament from passing laws.

At the same time, it is important to understand that right-wing parties are more or less united on issues of limiting migration and defending traditional values, but their positions on Ukraine differ somewhat. On one hand, there is Poland’s Law and Justice, which advocates for increasing aid to Ukraine. On the other hand, there are the Austrian Freedom Party and the German Alternative for Germany, as well as Orbán, who oppose aid to Ukraine and call for lifting sanctions against Russia. Additionally, Meloni’s position is that Ukraine should be supported, but NATO and EU countries should by no means get involved in a war with Russia, and it is high time to think about peace negotiations. It is also worth noting that the position of the Frenchwoman Le Pen is somewhere between Meloni’s and Orbán’s positions.

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