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The FAA wants to play hardball with the pilots and flight attendants. Game on!

I hoped we could solve this with a civil dialog. I was wrong. Let me be clear: thousands of people who work in critical infrastructure are pissed. VERY pissed. I predict heads will roll at the FAA.


For the next 3 months, every time you take a trip on a planeprint out 10 copies of this flier and hand it to flight attendants, ticket counter representatives, and pilots (or ask the flight attendant to give it to the pilots).

Secondly, if you work in airline/airport infrastructure (pilot, flight attendant, baggage handler, air traffic controller, etc), please sign the petition and tell 10 of your friends to sign.

If everyone who reads this article takes this simple action, we will destroy the false “safe and effective” narrative when the FAA holds their public hearing and all the injured pilots and flight attendants testify (we estimate that there are thousands of them).


Our goal is to reach 100% of all pilots and flight attendants for every airline in the US.

What happened earlier today

Today I spoke with the Deputy Administrator of the FAA, Bradley Mims.

I identified myself as the journalist that is causing them so much trouble and asked him for his reaction to our call for the FAA to investigate pilot/flight attendant injuries and deaths.

His response: “No comment.”

He referred me to the press office.

They also had “no comment.”

WTF!?!? Are you kidding me?!?!? That’s OUTRAGEOUS.

People are dead, injured, disabled and their only response is “no comment”?!?!?! Wow.

Let’s recap

We have people involved in our nation’s critical infrastructure who have been seriously harmed, disabled, or killed by the COVID vaccines, in some cases, putting passenger lives at risk. And the agency responsible for air safety refuses to investigate ANY such incidents. When asked about the lack of investigation, they reply “no comment.”

Wow. This is stunning…


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