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The Fall of the British Royals

D. K. Blaire


It’s coming faster than you think!


Wracked by scandal, plagued by gossip and snookered into repeated breaks with tradition, the British Royal Family has recently reached a critical juncture in their struggle to retain supremacy.

Much like the Catholic Church, this monarchical structure is heavily reliant on ancient laws, customs and traditions to support their claim to divinely sanctioned reign; laws which were written in the medieval era (or Dark Ages if you prefer) and bear no relevance to today’s society.

Ever since the French Revolution, the Windsor Family has had to live in fear of widespread enlightenment, innovation, evolution and progress. The intellectual advancement of their subjects threatens their monarchy’s survival; the very notion of democracy is anathema to their continued existence.

In a time when most remaining monarchies have been either been stripped of their power and rendered defunct, or like the oppressive, authoritarian regime of the Saudi Royal Family, enforce their rule through the barrel of a gun, the Windsors have had to work arduously to carve out a place for themselves in contemporary Britain.

Through careful maneuvering, prudent posturing and the best public relations team money can buy, the Windsors have managed to curate an image of themselves as the innocuous figureheads of Britain’s imperial past — uninvolved in, yet somehow central to British socio-political life — and as a tourist attraction that specializes in pointless, albeit mildly entertaining charades of pomp and circumstance.

The Royals have thus come to view themselves as more of a family enterprise, in which each member plays a specific role in order to ensure the preservation of their vast sums of coveted wealth — looted, quite literally, from their colonial conquests across the globe.

In an ironic twist, the same blue-bloods now visit their former colonies to make inane, arbitrary speeches in the guise of pseudo celebrities, decoupled from the imperial crown they still technically tote around and capitalize upon.

This family business, or the “Firm,” as it is reportedly called, has suffered several major setbacks in recent years, however, not least of which being Prince Andrew’s outrageous “friendship” with Jeffery Epstein, and Prince Harry’s abdication.

With the imminent demise of the longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, the Firm is in more danger of implosion than it has ever been and it may not be long now before the castles of sand they have built come tumbling down, or are mightily swept away by a raging sea of inevitability.

The Firm’s in Trouble

One of the main problems for the Windsors, as I see it, is the fact that many of their previously die-hard consumers are no longer willing to buy what they are attempting to sell.

Whether it’s fantasy, a glimpse into the past, or a strange tour around the macabre relics of colonial history and white supremacy, the staple attractions of this royal spectacle are beginning to lose their intrigue, and the once steadfast fan-base of the British monarchy appear to be dwindling more and more with each passing year.

Although generally popular among the English citizenry who feel a deep-seated need to cling onto any remnant of the Empire’s glory days, much of the rest of the world either pitifully laughs and consigns the Royals to the gossip columns of 2£ scandal sheets, or fumes at the audacious arrogance of unapologetically profiting off an antiquated, feudal-based hierarchy of aristocratic titles.

A large segment of their colonial base, being comprised of citizens from India, Africa and Asia, which declared independence from the 1950s onwards, have been increasingly voicing their outrage at the Firm’s attempt to stay relevant in their lives.

In a recent Caribbean tour, William and Kate (otherwise known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) did not receive the reception they were expecting and ended up leaving with their tails between their legs.

As The Guardian reports (March ‘22),

“Calls for slavery reparations and the enduring fury of the Windrush scandal followed them across Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas — overshadowing a trip aimed at strengthening the Commonwealth and discouraging other countries from following Barbados’s example in becoming a republic.”

“Upon arrival in Belize, the couple were met with protests from villagers over a land dispute involving a charity William is a patron of. In Jamaica, the prime minister told them in an awkward meeting that the country would be ‘moving on’ to become a republic, and a government committee in the Bahamas urged the royals to issue “a full and formal apology for their crimes against humanity”.

A Bedrock of Lies and Scandals

For a company that relies solely on the strength of its reputation and credibility, the Windsors have failed spectacularly in maintaining any degree of decorum. Indeed, they have done little else in the past several decades but expose themselves for the decadent charlatans or rather (gasp!) the regular human beings that they are.

Expecting these people to live up to the divine right to rule they have apparently been endowed with is as outrageous and unfair as expecting a democratic society to maintain and fund a monarchy in the 21st century — it’s just bananas!

The extent to which the Royals have disgraced themselves and denigrated their already highly fragile position, however, is something which cannot be undermined or ignored.

Prince Andrew’s ties to notorious pedophile Jeffry Epstein combined with his debacle with Virgina Giuffre, who accused him of forcing himself on her at the age of 17, has shaken the privileged foundations the Royals trod upon and called into further scrutiny the continued role of monarchs in modern society. Andrew was never officially charged with any crime, mainly because he refused to be summoned to the courts in the US, but he has been officially stripped of his duties and titles by the Queen.

Add to that the equally destructive advent of Prince Harry’s highly publicized marriage to Meghan Markle and their ultimate decision to “step down from the senior working positions of the Royal Family” — a move which not only massively tarnished the Royal image, yet also solidified the notion of the Royals as a failing business, looking to profiteer by whatever means necessary.

Prince Harry is really key to understanding the Windsor’s epic conundrum. Clearly, his choice to remove himself and his wife from the situation demonstrates that some of the most ardent calls for an end to monarchy come from inside the palace itself!

In many of their interviews, especially the famous Oprah Winfrey one, Harry describes royalty like a prison of circumstance and implied that it was an “unsupportive” place to raise their family…READ FULL ARTICLE HERE… | Rêve | Medium

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