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The Family Tree of Klaus Schwab / Herr Schwab Stammbaum

By  Mike

Herr Schwab Stammbaum

Digital technologies have given many of us a lifeline during lockdown, but also provide an illusion of connection. Anonymity provides cover for trolling, fuels polarization and allows all to feel superior to others from the comfort of our own little bubble. Our disconnection from nature helps us airbrush the effects of climate change, environmental degradation and animal suffering from our minds. The ultimate distance provided by autonomous weapons will allow detachment from the death and destruction (of ‘them’) at the press of a button.

Meanwhile, back at all our homes, as COVID-19 has shown most clearly, we are blithely trusting total strangers, helping our neighbors and communities, giving time and money to charities near and far and providing billions of large and small kindnesses to each other every single hour of every single day. Which of course goes unremarked. Read More:


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  1. Giant Meteor Giant Meteor July 26, 2021

    Raise your hand if you are surprised to learn that this creep with the fake German accent is descended from the RothschildCrimeFamily.

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