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The Foreign Billionaire Funding the Dem Attack on Hunter Biden Investigation

by Daniel Greenfield


  • Will Hansjörg Wyss, the Swiss billionaire allegedly backing CFA, be on the council of proud Americans? It would be awkward for the foreign tycoon to sit on a “council of proud Americans” since he is not, as far as even the media has been able to determine, an American citizen.
  • Instead, he appears to be living in America under an investor visa.
  • That hasn’t stopped the wealthy European from using his fortune to drastically influence American politics with the complicity of the IRS, the FEC and the rest of the government.
  • Wyss co-founded Synthes, a medical device manufacturer focused on repairing broken bones. In 2010, Synthes pled guilty to illegally experimenting on patients: its president, and its spine division president and two other executives were sentenced to prison. Even though a manager testified that Wyss had made the decision not to go through clinical trials, and owned half the company, he was not charged and has gone on funding the extreme causes of the Left.
  • The five Americans who died were not so lucky. Some of the dead, like Barbara Marcelino, showed signs of the cement used by Wyss’ company in their lungs.
  • NBC News has reported that Courage for America has a “seven-figure budget and support from the Hub Project, a giant Democratic dark money network, the group plans a robust operation including polling, paid advertising and social media campaigns, along with traditional opposition research and communications.”
  • But what NBC didn’t bother to mention was that the Hub Project appears to have been set up by the Wyss Foundation. A complaint by Americans for Public Trust noted in a filing that the Hub Project’s business plan “recommended that the group ‘be solely funded by the Wyss Foundation at the outset’ and that it would work behind the scenes to “dramatically shift the public debate and policy positions of core decision makers.”
  • Not only are CFA’s donors secret, but so are its staff and leadership. Instead of listing its staff, CFA references its “council” to divert attention from who is running the show.
  • That’s suspicious behavior for an organization that claims that it’s all about transparency…. Nothing says integrity like a dark money machine helping Biden and his cronies intimidate elected officials investigating his corrupt activities.
  • This plot to fight investigations into corruption and abuses by the Biden administration has only revived questions about Wyss and his money machine. And the legality of his ongoing efforts to influence our political system for the benefit of the Democrats and the Left.
  • While the IRS investigates conservative nonprofits on behalf of its allies in the White House, it allows leftists foundations and nonprofits, especially those allied with Biden, to flout the law and corrupt our system.
  • This is the definition of corruption.

“We are proud Americans speaking up against an extreme agenda that is putting money and power over everyday Americans,” Courage for America’s mission statement claims.

If you have any doubt whatsoever that CFA is an American organization, its home page is decorated with a flag draped over a barn. The ‘O’ in its logo even includes flag symbolism.

CFA has announced that it is “forming a council of proud Americans” to fight Republican investigations into the foreign business dealings of Hunter Biden and the rest of the Biden clan.





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