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Most of you are familiar with the Georgia Guidestones. For those who aren’t, this was a monument erected on rural farmland in Elbert County, Georgia on March 22, 1980 by a man who signed his name as R.C. Christian.

The Guidestones were in the news recently because they were blown up. The media would like us to believe that this was done by some sort of right wing group. But is that true? It’s amazing how only ONE pillar got blown up. You would think they would make sure to blow up the whole thing.

To determine what the truth is, we need to take a closer look at all the facts.

Remember that with these Secret Societies they give two meanings, one for the Adept (them) and one for the Profane (the general public). The Adept interpretation would be the Esoteric meaning and the Profane interpretation would be the Exoteric meaning.

We will be looking at the Adept’s Esoteric meaning here.

Everything they do is for a purpose. They picked this exact spot to erect this monument because it fits with their codings. The monument was built just north of the 33 degree latitude line…READ FULL ARTICLE HERE… – rosette delacroix

News PDF – Jellyfish.NEWS

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