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The greenie left is coming for your coffee


It wasn’t enough that the greenie left came for our light bulbs, our flush toilets, our guns, our plastic straws, our gas stoves, or our hamburgers.

Now they’re coming for our coffee.

According to the New York Post:

Canadian researchers analyzed coffee’s “contribution to climate change” in a piece published in early January and suggested people moderate their consumption of the popular drink as a part of the solution.

Researchers Luciano Rodrigues Viana, Charles Marty, Jean-François Boucher and Pierre-Luc Dessureault wrote in an analysis published in The Conversation that pollution from preparing coffee was “just the tip of the iceberg.”

“Limiting your contribution to climate change requires an adapted diet, and coffee is no exception. Choosing a mode of coffee preparation that emits less GHGs (greenhouse gases) and moderating your consumption are part of the solution,” the researchers at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi wrote.

They even had recommendations about what kinds of coffee to drink, and no, it’s not that nice fancy cup of Starbucks cappuccino you’re enjoying, let alone that hearty cup of Dunkin’ Donuts brewed coffee you like to have in your hand.

It’s time for instant coffee:

They found that instant coffee was the most environmentally sound.

As for the others:

“Our analysis clearly showed that traditional filter coffee has the highest carbon footprint, mainly because a greater quantity of coffee powder is used to produce the amount of coffee. This process also consumes more electricity to heat the water and keep it warm,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers compared brewing with coffee pods, brewing coffee the traditional way in a coffee maker, brewing coffee with a French press and using instant coffee.

Leave it up to these guys to recommend coffee from pods, pellets and space crystals, the least organic, least natural, forms of the morning brew.

What they want, of course, is to take away more stuff from us, the better to control us. It wasn’t enough to target our gas-powered cars and tell us to take the bus. It wasn’t enough to take away our electricity and natural gas in the name of ‘going green’ and tell consumers to freeze in winter. It wasn’t enough to howl for an end to jet travel while greenie leftists bought carbon indulgences and continued to jet about with their private planes. It wasn’t enough to take away our plastic bags, to ensure that we only use unsanitary bacteria-filled cloth recycle bags. It wasn’t enough to take away our meat and tell us to eat bugs…

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