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The Grooming of our Children Takes Many Forms

by James Stansbury

By now it is widely known that Disney will be adding many LGBT characters to help groom our kids for early sexual activity of all kinds (with the likely unintended consequence of helping prepare many for sex traffickers and pedophiles).  In Virginia, news coverage of parents protesting the indoctrination of their children in the woke CRT and LGBT agendas at school board meetings in Loudoun County helped close some doors to the sex-obsessed left who want to hypersexualize our kids from K-12.

The Loudoun County protests also resulted in an unexpected loss for (former VA governor and fundraiser for the Clintons) Terry McAuliffe (D) in his run for governor against a political novice, Glenn Youngkin (R).  McAuliffe’s defeat was assured only after he reinforced the leftist notion that parents have no say in what their children are taught.

With a new supportive governor and control in the House we Virginians at least thought the door to the public-school gender fluidity indoctrination of our youth was finally under control.  However, an email bulletin sent out by Family Foundation of Virginia president Victoria Cobb on 4/14/2022 warned that the left has found another way to reach kids with sexually explicit materials…

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