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The heavy defeat of Napoleon’s army near Krasnoe

The heavy defeat of Napoleon's army near Krasnoe
The heavy defeat of Napoleon’s army near Krasnoe


By Topwar

The French, having arrived in Smolensk, considered themselves safe. Napoleon even planned to stay here. Smolensk was to become the advanced fortress of the Great Army, which was to be placed in winter quarters between Mogilev, Orsha and Vitebsk. Bonaparte ordered the corps of Oudinot and Victor to push the enemy back beyond the Western Dvina in order to restore the situation in the northern direction (Fierce oncoming battle near Smolyan).

They tried to put the frustrated army in order and strengthen it. The infantry received the missing weapons from the arsenals (many, during the retreat, threw weapon, to make it easier to leave) and a full load of ammunition (50 rounds per soldier). The rest of the artillery also tried to put in order. The emperor gave the order to urgently hand over the horses from the troops of the second line. An order was sent to Orsha to increase stocks. The number of Napoleon’s army was about 70-80 thousand people, of which about 45-50 thousand were relatively combat-ready.

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