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The Hunt To Identify The ‘Deep State Traitor’ Has Begun! We The People Have The Right To Know If Whistleblower Was Part Of The Russia Collusion Conspiracy To Overthrow The President

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

In criminal law, the accused has the right to face the accuser. The Whistleblower Protection laws offer protections from retaliation in the workplace for those report misconduct or corruption.

In the case of the CIA employee that was given second information about a phone call between President Trump and the newly elected Ukrainian President, then proceeded to file a complaint, which has resulted in the Democrats trying to impeach President Trump, we the people, have the right to know who the so-called “whistleblower” is, what connection he has to the former Obama intelligence community members that are under active investigation by the DOJ, and what, if any, part he played in the original investigations into Russia collusion.

Yet, Democrats and liberals, had an absolute hissy fit when the New York Times dared reveal that the whistleblower was a CIA employee that was embedded in the White House, and currently is back at the CIA. They were so upset they started a #CancelNYT hashtag, while subscribers started canceling their subscriptions.


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  1. Methos Methos October 1, 2019

    We have the right to know if there even WAS a “whistle-blower”. My dollar says this is just a bunch of cooked up BS by the Commmiecrats!

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