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The latest offense: Wearing red baseball caps because — you know

Last night, Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham devoted an episode of her show, “The Ingraham Angle,” to the “cancel culture,” the movement by the Left to do away with or alter anything they find “triggering” or troublesome. Hamburgers? Check. Fossil fuels? Check. Anything that is even remotely reminiscent of Donald Trump? Double check — and that even goes for businesses that support the president or his policies.

Sometimes the triggers rise to a level of high comedy. Take as a case in point Juan Williams, another Fox News contributor, who refuses to name the professional football team he roots for because the team name is Redskins. Williams prefers instead the circuitous locution “the Washington team.”

The latest manifestation of the cancel culture also comes from the world of sports (which is a rich breeding ground for liberal righteous indignation). In fact, another Washington team, the Nationals, are indirectly implicated in the grievance by dint of their red team caps. I refer you to a tweet by liberal author Rebecca Makkai, who advises “normal people” (aka, fellow liberals) to desist from wearing any baseball cap in that shade:


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