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The Long-Game Conditioning Of Society

Are you afraid of spiders, snakes, or rodents?  Maybe you’re claustrophobic or afraid of heights.  Psychology has a solution for such dilemmas.  It’s called “Exposure Therapy.”  The idea behind it is to face your fear head on by being exposed, in a safe and controlled environment, to the very thing that freaks you out.

The hope is that, in time, as a result of this repeated effort, the fear will begin to subside to the point where what was once perceived to be a threat will eventually seem normal.

While this may be a good method of helping people who suffer from certain personality disorders, the very same tactic has been employed on society, as a whole, to “condition” us through the repeated exposure of things which were once viewed as objectionable, destructive, immoral, dishonest or just plain undesirable behaviors and practices for all societies…

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