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The Morning After November 8th


What leftists might unleash – and how American patriots must respond.

Let’s move beyond the discussion about what happens on Tuesday, November 8th. It is truly a foregone conclusion as to the results of this impending midterm election. The dead giveaway can be found in the deranged rantings of progressive socialist leftists.

Watching Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Randi Weingarten, and others go into full meltdown mode is a clear indicator. On “The View,” Sunny Hostin compares suburban women voters to roaches. NBC historian commentator Michael Bechloss asserted that if the GOP wins the midterm elections, we will see our children arrested, and conceivably killed . . . Hmm, it’s the Democrats who want to murder unborn babies in the womb. Heck, we even have Oprah Winfrey coming out to support John Fetterman for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. Oprah was also the person who referred to Barack Obama as “brilliant.”…

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