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The Nixon-Bashing Media Versus the Biden-Hugging Media

By Jeffrey Lord


Over at The Hill, media analyst Joe Concha has hit directly on the difference in treatment between media coverage of the Biden family scandals and what would happen if in fact the same scandals involved a Trump family influence peddling operation raking in millions.

Reading it a long distant memory stirred from — ahem — childhood, and I have gone back to refresh.

The politician in question was Republican Vice President Richard Nixon. And Nixon had four brothers, and there was one in particular that the liberal media of the day zeroed in on. Here is just a bit of the Wikipedia entry for brother Donald Nixon:

In January 1957 Howard Hughes lent (Donald) Nixon $205,000 to bail out his “Nixon’s” drive-in restaurant in Whittier, California.[2] The restaurant went bankrupt less than a year later. Questions about whether this was a political favor dogged Richard Nixon during his campaign for president and later when he sought the governorship of California.

Which is to say, the media of the day was relentless – even I remembered this and I was a kid – in going after Richard Nixon for brother Donald’s loan from billionaire Howard Hughes…



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