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The Only Thing About Borrell Which Is Making News Are His Tantrums. Can’t the EU Do Better Than This?

By Martin Jay

All Borrell actually does, in fact, is whine. He whines about his own failure. And he tends to do it quite a bit, particularly with the implosion of EU economies following EU sanctions against Russia.

What is wrong with the hapless Josep Borrell, a man so interminably boring that no one apparently takes him seriously or listens to his pathetic tirades. Is this entirely ineffective cretinous EU diplomat really helping the EU develop an identity as a global player, or is he making matters worse and only ensuring that the bloc can never have a solid foreign policy and only talk of having one? In short, is he part of the problem rather than the solution?

Ever since the Lisbon Treaty was adopted in 2007, the EU has believed that it can be a player around the world, imposing its views and hegemony, usually linked to huge sacks of cash it distributes to the Global South. And it, strangely, has also chosen a socialist from a Mediterranean country to be its top diplomat to preside over the new EU diplomatic corps, made up of over 120 ‘ambassadors’ based in the EU’s missions around the world…

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