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The Progressives’ Unrestricted War of Terror on America – Believe What You See

The Progressives’ Unrestricted War of Terror on America

Believe What You See

Wake Up America! We are in an undeclared war of terror, unfolding before your disbelieving eyes, shocked conscious, and overloaded cognitive domain.

Sometimes, we fail to believe what we see, as it shocks our consciousness. I’ll speak more about that specific phenomenon in a moment. This phenomenon is often reinforced by a cultural tendency in America to focus on the near-term, not strategic, and thereby miss the forest for the trees. That is to say we can miss what’s happening right in front of us, that which we see with our eyes, but fail to fully absorb it as the context of the event shocks our system so greatly – we immediately shut down.

If we then consider the cultural tendency of Americans, to focus on the moment, and not think of, or view things, from a strategic perspective, we can be blinded not only to the moment, but to the broader events taking place before our eyes. We create a major potential vulnerability. A vulnerability, I contest, that our domestic and foreign enemies take advantage of.

Undeclared War of Terror – This vulnerability manifests itself today as a majority of Americans remain unaware, uninformed, and ignorant that we are already at war – we are in a domestic cognitive war.[1] It is in fact an unrestricted war of terror being waged against America by an extremist set of our fellow citizens. These citizens are the true domestic terrorists – they are a small minority of progressive democrats, many whom are in allied with China and Russia.  Their quest, their goal, their objective – is nothing short of absolute power!

We must recognize this ongoing domestic cognitive war – a war of terror on America from within – is the true existential threat to our Republic, freedoms, opportunity, and independence. We must also understand that a global cognitive war with China, Russia, and Iran is also being waged on America. It is not coincidental, but purposeful, that the global cognitive war is being waged in direct collaboration with the progressive democrat’s domestic cognitive war – a war of terror on America.

The democrat progressives leverage the same tactics, techniques, and means used by China in its unrestricted warfare. They both employ a strategy which involves a multifaceted assault on our republic and people with the intent to intimidate, subjugate, and dominate through shock, fear, and direct assault. Both the progressive democrats, and the Chinese communists, seek to create a feeling of helplessness, chaos, and anarchy. They are conducting a direct assault on the cognitive domain.

This is because the cognitive domain, or the domain of the human mind, is the means to and end by which all dictators and tyrants seek to impose their will by threatening, controlling, and subjugating you. They use fear and create a sense of chaos to advance this feeling of helplessness.  Concurrently, they indoctrinate and program individuals to gain a level of acquiescence, complacency, and compliance. One of their measures of success is whether they get you, or others, to state fiction as fact – like believing a man can become a woman or a woman can become a man – they have won the cognitive war by compromising you in the cognitive domain as they now control you, own you, and can now subjugate you.  It is a lethal war of the mind. It is a purposeful war of terror on America.

They strive to create a feeling of helplessness, and then gain acquiescence by having you repeat lies as truth – in true Orwellian fashion. They use terrorist tactics like assault, arson, looting, crime, intimidation, cancel culture, and even murder to make you feel weak, outnumbered, and vulnerable. Once they achieve a desired level of fear, they move to full control. Such are the ways dystopian societies are created. How else do you think a country like China, with more than a billion people, are controlled by a few hundred dystopian leaders?  Understanding the latter elements is critical before discussing the specific ways and means the progressive democrats are conducting this undeclared and unrestricted war of terror on Americans.

Let me also be clear, when I speak of progressive democrats, they are not true democrats. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They cloak themselves in various skins to cover their true self. But let me also be clear to note, these progressive extremists are NOT the majority! Unfortunately, because the silent majority remains “silent” and mostly unaware of the ongoing domestic cognitive war – the minority advances their subjugation of the silent majority!

These small set of extremist progressive democrats have usurped the reins of power from traditional democrats. They did so by methodically executing a strategy, using tactics and techniques of their brethren dictators learned over the last few centuries, to rid the democrat party of any moderates, conservatives, or independent thinkers. This minority set of extremists care not about you, your family, your freedom, or your lives. They will do whatever is necessary to gain, and hold, absolute power.  This is an undeclared unrestricted war, that includes terror, being waged on America.  Let’s discuss why you must believe what you see!

The Progressives Strategy, Ways, and Means – A good strategy ties the ways and means together to reach a desired end or objective.  In this unrestricted, and undeclared war, we see the ways include use of various ideologies (e.g., socialist, communist, and fascists), religion (Christians, Jews, Muslim, etc.), and issues used to drive emotion not logical discourse (such as reparations, abortion, climate change). The means include use of our national security apparatus, abuse and distortion of our constitution and history, destruction of our economic and energy independence, indoctrination of young and old using our education system, and intimidation and subjugation using our justice system.

Americans must understand – what is happening before your eyes is NOT normal politics. It is part of a quest, a blood sport, a cognitive war, being waged for absolute power. The progressive democrats and their allies understand and leverage our lack of strategic forethought, our myopic focus on near term, our inherent trust in our fellow citizens, and default trust for our institutions and elected officials to their advantage. They understand we will more likely excuse or compartmentalize the chaos, terror, and their actions from this war of terror, rather than believing, admitting, and acknowledging the shocking dismemberment of our republic they see is real.  There is a theory behind this psychological phenomenon – the polyvagal theory.

Polyvagal theory – It is a normal psychological reaction, when confronted with heinous truths or situation, to deny, flee, fight, or shut down. The Polyvagal theory explains this reaction. The “Polyvagal theory covers those three states—connection, fight or flight, or shutdown.”[2]


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